Core Books

Players Handbook The Players Handbook contains all the rules you need to start playing the game. We will be going over this in detail in the next blog. This should be your first purchase.
Dungeon Masters Guide The Dungeon Masters Guide is the tool for you if you want to run an adventure or campaign. It is filled with ideas, rules, treasure and more.It should be the second book you buy.
Monster Manual The Monster Manual contains the stats for all of the foes and npc’s you will need for your games. This is an essential tool for any Dungeon Master.

The order in which I have presented them is the order in which I believe you should read them. We will go into detail about how to read each book in a separate blog post. For now we will concentrate on what you need to have. This will depend on whether you are planning to be a Dungeon Master (DM) or not. If you are not going to be a DM you really only need the Players Handbook if you are playing with an experienced DM. If you are going to take your turn as a DM you will need all three. If you are playing with an inexperienced DM they may want you to have all three so you can assist in case of rules questions. This is really up to the individual DM.

The main thing to understand is that as a player you only need to read the Players Handbook. We will be going into detail about the Players Handbook in the next post.

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