I have only recently begun listenting to podcasts. A friend recmommended the D6 generation and I looked it up. My first thought was a three and a half hour podcast; are you kidding me? But I gave it a listen anyway.

I am so glad I did. Raef, Craig, and Russ are funny, insightful and fun. They represent the same generation of gamers that I belong to. I listened to my first podcast at around 10pm one night and when it was over(around 1:30 am) I immediately started the next.

They cover a broad range of topics including, boardgames, miniatures games, RPG’s and some collectible games. They mix humor in with almost every topic to keep the show entertaining and give us a glimpse of their personality.

I began to feel as if I knew these guys and look forward to each new episode. I don’t ALWAYS agree with their conclusions on certain games but they don’t always agree with each other. Agricola anyone?

All of these things make the podcast a valuable resource for every type of gamer. I highly recommend spending a few hours each week listening to them while you paint miniatures or whatever else you do that lets you listen and do something at the same time. I promise you will enjoy it.

Thanks to Craig, Raef, and Russ for reminding me that gaming is supposed to be fun and to not take everything so seriously.