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D6 Generation

I have only recently begun listenting to podcasts. A friend recmommended the D6 generation and I looked it up. My first thought was a three and a half hour podcast; are you kidding me? But I gave it a listen anyway.

I am so glad I did. Raef, Craig, and Russ are funny, insightful and fun. They represent the same generation of gamers that I belong to. I listened to my first podcast at around 10pm one night and when it was over(around 1:30 am) I immediately started the next.

They cover a broad range of topics including, boardgames, miniatures games, RPG’s and some collectible games. They mix humor in with almost every topic to keep the show entertaining and give us a glimpse of their personality.

I began to feel as if I knew these guys and look forward to each new episode. I don’t ALWAYS agree with their conclusions on certain games but they don’t always agree with each other. Agricola anyone?

All of these things make the podcast a valuable resource for every type of gamer. I highly recommend spending a few hours each week listening to them while you paint miniatures or whatever else you do that lets you listen and do something at the same time. I promise you will enjoy it.

Thanks to Craig, Raef, and Russ for reminding me that gaming is supposed to be fun and to not take everything so seriously.


Gaming Mats

I have recently come across a new company that produces gaming mats. Corsec Engineering you can visit them by clicking here

Any visual aide that you use will help you to do this. If you can place a building down that is in the scene you are playing then the need to describe it is no longer necessary. It also allows everyone to have the same visual image. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Players will be much more involved in a visually beautiful game than they will with piece of graph paper.


New Blog

Welcome to one and all who decide to read this blog. I will try on most days to post some daily RPG blogs. I intend for most of them to be for designers and Gamemasters. I will probably use this space for an occasional rant. I need an outlet while I am in school and the publishing schedule is slow.

I have been writing RPG’s for over 20 years and playing them for over 35. Most of my work is owned by Ravensworth Press. Our magazine hit a bit of a stumble last year due to atrocious health issues. I hope to have us back up and running this year.

Todays RPG hint. Play a new game. Move outside your box. This seems a bit trite but I have found this extremely helpful during the creative process. If you are using the same tools all the time they tend to get worn down and your work lacks sharpness. Use another tool to sharpen your work then return to your normal tools with a better understanding of what you are capable of.